Use Blogs to Learn Chinese

Learning a foreign language, if you have the passion for it, is always fun. Many people choose a language as part of their study course and others as a hobby. Chinese is one of these languages, which can be fun to learn. The fact that it is tonal and totally different from any Western languages makes it very challenging. The availability of Internet has meant that you can learn Chinese from the comfort of your house or even a coffee house if you have a gadget like tab or smartphone. These online classes give you a lot of study materials, videos, discussion forums and other learning aids.

Since the Chinese language is pretty complex when it comes to writing and speaking, you would need a lot of practice and reinforcement of what you have learned in your online class and this is where Chinese blogs can help you.

The benefits of targeting good Chinese blogs

If a person is writing a blog in Chinese, there is a good possibility that he is good with the language. Most blogs are usually written in conversational Chinese which can help you to a huge extent to learn this form of the language, especially if you are travelling to the China.

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The availability of applications like Google Translate has meant that you can get the entire blog translated into English in no time and at the same time compare Chinese and English texts for better understanding. So, if you are planning to do some extra learning apart from your online course, the blogs can be a great source for you.

Bloggers usually write on current political or social issues, or just fun things. What it means for you is that you get to learn about the latest happenings and trends in China. It also makes for a more entertaining learning, where you would not be bored. You could even target a blog that caters to learners of Chinese such as or a similar one.

Bloggers are always hungry for feedback on their articles, which can make for a great two-way communication. You can agree, disagree or appreciate what is written in the blog. It lets you engage in a conversation with the author as well as other readers of the blog. Such an interaction gets you deeply involved in learning, which is very essential to learn a complex language like Chinese.

Blogs are good learning aids but not substitutes to classes

Most people who know Chinese pretty well will tell you that it is sometimes tough to understand the language when someone speaks it very fluentl1y. This is because the language only has about 2500 syllables while English has more than 160,000. So, it sometimes becomes difficult to put things into context unless you have a keen set of ears to instantly convert the sounds to characters or right words. The interactive lessons and videos that you get through online Chinese courses target this problem and give you a well-structured method of learning.

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